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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW Team (@admin)

      Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About page


      • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

        Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

        I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Goodwill social work centre (NGO), Madurai, India. I am a former professor and Head-Department of human resources management at the Madurai Institute of social sciences, Madurai, India. I received my master's degree in Social work with Human resource...


        • Steve Foerster

          Steve Foerster

          Sectors in which Company operates: Education, Social Enterprises Development, Technology, Unemployment

          • Consorzio Siciliano Le Galline Felici

            Consorzio Siciliano Le Galline Felici

            Ciao a tutte e tutti (ci-dessous en français) Quella che vedete qua sopra è una parte della comunità che in Sicilia vive delle attività de Le Galline Felici Se volete vedere meglio le nostre facce andate qua Se volete vederle ancora meglio, venite a trovarci, abbiamo molto da offrirvi (l...

            Sectors in which Company operates: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Civic participation, Consumer Awareness, Culture, Education, Environment, Finance, Immigration, Labour conditions, Rural Development, Social Enterprises Development, Social Justice, Unemployment, Youth

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