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    • Antoniomarco


      Brief description: If you love to play Curling and looking for the shoes that are more reliable.About me: If you love to play Curling and looking for the shoes that are more reliable and comfortable even long lasting , Do come fast ICECUR MICROFIBER UPPER Shoes are waiting for you. They are available at lowest cost, completely water resistant, Durable and stretchable.  


      • AndreaS

        Una dura storia di cuoio

        ...tria della concia italiana. La ricerca, parte del progetto Change Your Shoes, focalizza l’attenzione...  Tags: abbigliamentoLink: www.abitipuliti.org/changeyourshoes/2015/12/16/2015-report-una-du...

        • Bliss Home Care

          The Importance of Green Cleaning

          ...in the home is not moving around and refreshed by winds and renewed by plants.   Pollutants and soil is brought in all the time with our shoes.  Cleaning is an importa...

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          • EleonoraG

            ...rato una garanzia di qualità e di buone condizioni di lavoro. Numerose inchieste realizzate nell’ambito del progetto Change Your Shoes hanno però rivela...


            • fran torrecillas

              A new footwear archetype (Vesica Piscis)

              VESICA PISCIS FOOTWEAR A shoe based on a circular economy , an economy that emulates the operation of the same nature , where everything is useful and garbage concept not even contemplated . One of the most important points for Vesica Piscis Footwear , is the conscious choice of the raw materia...

              Tags: vegan, circular economy, shoes, economia sostenibile, eco

              • fran torrecillas


                Tags: VEGAN, recycle, organic products, ecologia, economia circolare, ZAPATOS, SHOES, VEGANO

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