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    • Salvatore


      Location: pesaro

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Social Business World: Social Business World official web banners - SBW Team (@admin) - pesaro,italy

        Dear SBWers We were just offered beautiful banners by a new friend Mike K. from the US who hasn t signed up to SBW yet as of June 6th 2013 but wishes us all the best through his art. THANK YOU MIke So

        Tags: pages, SBW Team (@admin), pesaro, italy

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Social Business World: Introducing The SBW Toolbar from SBW Team (@admin) - pesaro,italy

          Dear SBWers, today a new tool for all of us to better share, create and follow contents on Social Business World: the SBW Toolbar!

          Tags: blog, SBW Team (@admin), pesaro, italy

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Memories & Thoughts - Guestbook

            Please add below your thoughts and memories of your days with Elgg and SBW, anonimously or adding your name, as you prefer. Thank you! Aggiungete qui sotto pensieri e ricordi delle vostre giornate con Elgg e SBW, anonimamente o scrivendo il vostro nome, come preferite. Grazie! On Twitt...

            Tags: eci, 2016, pesaro, elgg, sbw, guestbook, memories, thoughts, ricordi, pensieri

            • Andrea Cini

              Andrea Cini

              Location: pesaro

              • ura soul

                intro to holistic balance for social systems. talk @ elgg camp, Italy - 2016

                ** also translated live in italian ** my presentation at the elgg camp in pesaro, italy (2016). elgg is a software framework (elgg.org) used to build web applications with a social focus, such as www.ureka.org. in this presentation i shared a brief introduction to some principles of holistic bala...

                Tags: elgg, ureka, ura soul, pesaro, elgg camp, social networks, balance, holistic balance, website design, system engineering

                • ura soul

                  video for the talks

                  i am intending to clean up the video files of the talks from elgg camp, but the videos that were uploaded to youtube so far are incomplete. does anyone have a copy of the full talk by matt on solr, for example? he has given me the slides from his presentation, but the 2 video files are 15 minutes...

                  Tags: elgg camp, pesaro, matt beckett, solr, video

                  • EleonoraG


                    ENG After living in Japan for 2 years, I moved to Pesaro (Italy) where I worked as Customer Service for various companies in the field of interior design and lighting. Noticing directly the working method adopted by the majority of the companies, which was unsustainable from financial, human a...

                    Location: Pesaro

                    • enrico liverani

                      enrico liverani

                      Location: Pesaro

                      • Laurarì


                        Location: Pesaro

                        • simona cazzaniga

                          simona cazzaniga

                          Location: Pesaro

                          • slyhne

                            Thank you

                            I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Social Business World, and the people working there, for inviting me to a great Elgg Camp. It was a really nice treat not only to meet up with developers, but also meet end users, who know nothing about Elgg, PHP or other tech woodoo, and see that ...

                            Tags: Elgg Camp, Pesaro, elgg

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