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    • Blom Yates

      Genes And Addiction To Alcohol

      ...alcoholism is something that an individual generates on their own, there...th in the environment and in an individual's hereditary makeup. To help...might be accountable for making individuals susceptible to acquiring alc...ust how much the environment an individual is raised in can impact their...

      • Gianni

        Grameen America

        ...o financially empower low-income entrepreneurs.  Our vision is to help create a world free of poverty.  We predict a market where any individual with a dream can receiv...

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        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Top 10 New Features and enhancements on SBW!

          ...directly between those offering and those seeking. Share maps. All of us here love sustainable and responsible tourism, don't we? Think of individual travel experiences but also o...

          • Bliss Home Care

            The Importance of Green Cleaning

            ...ead to toxic indoor atmospheres. How a home is cleaned can be a major factor in the quality of indoor air.  It is important to eliminate individual sources of pollution or reduc...

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            • EleonoraG

              Earth Overshoot Day 2015 is on Aug. 13th

              ...nd of this year will help us do just that. We mostly talked about Footprint for nations, but you can also measure the Ecological Footprint of an individual, a city, or a business. I cal...


            • Why a new social network? Why socialbusinessworld.org?

              To connect socially minded individuals, social businesses and enterprises, producers and sellers in an environment that puts people closer to what’s going on.

              SBW today offers the following values:

              A noise free environment for socially minded networking. Social networks have been around for a while and have transformed the way people connect to each other, but have not done much for improving the quality and depth of these connections. There may actually be evidence of the contrary.
              The only commerce that matters is the one that adds value to society. SBW promotes social entrepreneur by putting them closer to individuals interest in socially minded consumption.

              Opportunities = Knowledge = Ideas. SBW is based on the tenet that the knowledge that matters is in people’s imagination and ideas. As Prof. Muhammad Yunus keeps saying, it is important to develop one’s vision of the world. And this is what SBW promotes, and does it by promoting sharing of ideas.

              There are many other things SBW has to offer, and part of that will come out of what we can imagine together.

              Socialbusinessworld.org was born...

              • Because sharing information and knowledge is like water on a fertile soil
              • Because if you are like us, you think that we can all learn from each other to be bigger than ourselves


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              • Michele (@michele)

                Reply on topic: video for the talks

                Hi Ura, I have the original files now, have at least to split by individual talks and then upload to Youtube or you prefer to do this by yourself by receiving files via wetransfer or else? We would anyways like to upload them on SBW's channel if ok for you. Please let us know

                • ura soul

                  Reply on topic: video for the talks

                  it would be easiest for me if you would split the files into individual talks and then send them to me somehow (wetransfer is fine). once i have processed them i will send them back to...

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                • SAFE
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                  Secure A Future for Everyone


                  • Rui T.Morais

                    Rui T.Morais

                    I am a Portuguese consultant with a solid international career and an M.B.A. degree from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.  I have a background in economics and for several years I worked in the “Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness” department of a multilateral developm...

                    I am a: Individual

                    • Natasha


                      I am a: Individual

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