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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      The 300 dollar house project

      How to improve slum-dwellers' life conditions with a blog! The $300 house was first described in a Harvard Business Review blog post by VIjay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar. It is now becoming a reality through actual financing. The original blog: http://blogs.hbr.org/govindarajan/2010/08/the...

      Tags: slums, housing, urban areas

      • Narges Mofarahian


        AGRIshelter é un prototipo di case in autocostruzione per casi di emergenza, in particolare per la questione dei profughi nel mondo. Il progetto è stato concepita come metodo di integrazione sociale ed economica, aiutando chi ci abita di creare lavori n...

        Tags: refugees, emergenza, sustainable world, community, emergency, shelter, agrishelter, sustainable, housing

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          SBW Team (@admin)

          Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About page


          • Association La Voute Nubienne

            Association La Voute Nubienne

            Based on UN figures, 100 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to decent housing: many families live in fragile tin-roofed shacks, and these are the lucky ones. Because of desertification and overpopulation, the bush timber and thatch used locally for building traditional roofs are no ...

            Sectors in which Company operates: Agriculture, Environment, Housing, Labour conditions, Microfinance, Rural Development, Social Enterprises Development, Youth

            • Giuseppe Dalpasso

              Giuseppe Dalpasso

              Sectors in which Company operates: Energy, Environment, Housing

              • Mobilbox new Zealand

                Mobilbox new Zealand

                Don't live or work out of a building that looks like a jail cell. Ours have an attractive looking portable building with all necessary amenities inside. Visit Mobilbox and see a wide range of modular buildings that suit your needs !

                Sectors in which Company operates: Housing

                • giorgio degasperi

                  giorgio degasperi

                  Come regista, di teatro rituale e comunitario, ho co-creato più di 700 performance , lavorato Europa (in particolare ad Est), Africa e Sud-America, cooperato con Municipalità di grandi città (Bologna, Modena, Genova, Ferrara, Sarajevo, Zagreb), e insegnato per L’Università di Ferrara e la John Ho...

                  Sectors in which Company operates: Arts, Biodiversity, Childhood, Civic participation, Consumer Awareness, Culture, Education, Energy, Handicrafts, Housing, Human Rights, Rural Development, Social Justice, Social Protection, Waste Management

                  • Craftbuilt Kitchens

                    Craftbuilt Kitchens

                    Looking for a benchtop for your newly designed kitchen? Visit Craftbuilt Kitchens. We have a big showroom in Underwood displaying the latest in kitchen trends and designs. For more details, visit our website.  

                    Sectors in which Company operates: Housing

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