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    • Debora

      Learning about social business

      Social business does not need to be a complicated proposal, it can be a simple solution to a need that we all can see...

      • Md. Tarifur Rahman Khan

        A Theory of Social Business (Society Changing Model)

        A Theory of Social Business (Society Cha..., positive and feasible.   b) Solution of Social Problem: There is...ive change in the society. Effective solutions of different social problems...chieving specific social object i.e. solution of problem, social welfare, e...

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          New feature: automated content import from your site!

          Dear SBWers, Today a great new feature added to our platform for you to easily s...rces which leads to few hours dedicated to sharing the good they are doing. Solution: automated content sharing on...

          • letsdabble

            Step 1: Film Something, Anything! Step 2: Review

            First things first, 90% of what you will be doing is controlled by a simple web cam...llowing video. http://youtu.be/gBu57HDLchc Zooming may seem like the perfect solution to getting a little closer to...

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Please help maintain SBW!

              Please consider supporting SBW with your donations via: Paypal or...Sadly, very often they fail before self-sustaining and scaling up. The solution we offer: an integrated...

              • Jeff Mowatt

                Capitalism is an insufficient economic paradigm

                An extract from the Business Plan for People-Centered Economic Development, a soc...mdash; i.e., a P-CED, or social, enterprise. This was seen to be the potential solution toward correcting the traditi...

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