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    • Designs by Hannah

      Designs by Hannah

      Started out in the music business in NYC and later on marketing and advertising in different industries.  I am a writer who has attended MACEF in Milan many times and also edits and writes for magazines and periodicals.  Based in South Florida and originally from New York and New Jersey, I am fre...

      Company Type: Consultant

      • davidawhipp


        I am a: Individual, Social Business, Consultant

        • Francesco Leoni

          Francesco Leoni

          I am a: Individual, Consultant

          • Marco_Tognetti


            I am a: Consultant

            • alessandra


              I am a: Individual, Social Business, Consultant, Educational Institution, Traditional Business

              • Prabhat Kumar

                Prabhat Kumar

                I am a: Consultant

                • labib tarafdar

                  labib tarafdar

                  I am a: Consultant

                  • fundii


                    I am a: Consultant

                    • ETHYCA


                      Ethyca è un’organizzazione non-profit ideatrice di un modello di "social business and investment" per intervenire sul processo di cambiamento culturale d'impresa in Italia e assistere il processo di crisi attuale attaverso soluzioni di economia sociale. Ethyca è partner per i seguenti servizi:...

                      Company Type: Consultant. I am a: Consultant

                      • giuseppe s

                        giuseppe s

                        I am a: Consultant

                        • Gabrielle Pirzad

                          Gabrielle Pirzad

                          I am a: Consultant

                          • Marco


                            I am a: Consultant

                            • Michael Walters

                              Michael Walters

                              I am a: Consultant

                              • max2013


                                I am a: Social Business, Consultant, Educational Institution, Financial Institution, NGO

                                • Bruno Conte

                                  Bruno Conte

                                  I am a: Social Business, Consultant, Hybrid Non Profit

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