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      we are IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange
      conference title / improving sustainability concept in developing countries
      Given the importance and the impact of the Earth’s ecological systems and refraining from causing any alterations that might be caused by humans, incorporating sustainability in all levels of our daily life has become a challenge as well as a necessity. Nonetheless, we cannot neglect the responsibility of acting with the best of our knowledge to ensure that our actions do not hinder the opportunities and lives of future generations through implementing ecological and sustainable design and development.
      This conference aims to enhance and carefully maneuver through the many roles of sustainable architecture in improving the quality of life and the built environment in developing countries. It seeks to, initially, reduce the negative impact of buildings and, secondly, to conserve energy and enhance the ecology. Both can be achieved through the use of sustainable building materials, saving energy, and using renewable energy, and many more implementations.
      The conference proceedings will be published in full in ARChive International Journal. Only selected papers will be published in the Resourceedings Journal by Springer or ESSD - the international journal on Environmental Science & Sustainable development
      Marwa Eid
      [email protected]
      +2 03 5763827
      - See more at our website: http://www.ierek.com/events/improving-sustainability-concept-developing-countries-
      Date / 12 December / 14 December 2017
      Cairo, Egypt , hotel grand royal

      Confernce Email
      [email protected]

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