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Brief description: the 1 Search & Compare site for Volunteering abroad bringing easy access to projects & comprehensive information to high impact volunteer opportunities in all sectors and activities globally
About me

Planet volunteer is a start-up social enterprise on a mission!
Our mission is to reach out to a wealth of volunteering opportunities for internships, training and skills sharing and connect talented individuals, corporate and charitable organisations, social enterprises, grassroots and community groups to join efforts for common causes. We all want to support life changing initiatives to tackle social, economic or environmental concerns that affect all of us at local level and globally. We know that if we share knowledge and expertise, together we can! It is our sense of collective responsibility, a common value for us all in humanity.
Our wish is to connect to everyone who wants to contribute skills and give a helping hand, whatever their reason may be, e.g.
to help and contribute to better the lives of disadvantaged communities,
or to have a cultural exchange or an enriching life experience,
or because we want to practice and improve our skills,
or learn and gain expertise in specific fields.

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