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Jeff Mowatt

Jeff Mowatt


I am a
Brief description: Director of People-Centered Economic Development
About me

In 2003 I began helping an American who was fasting for the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and this led to me invting him to the Uk to start up his social purpose business model using my small software business to drive it.

The faster,Terry Hallman had recently returned from Russia and Ukraine where he had sourced an experimental initiative to tackle poverty. We set about tackling poverty as a business. First in the UK, with a 2004 business plan and then returning to Ukraine where Terry deid in his efforts to place children in loving family homes.

Terry began his work in 1996 with a paper describing an alternative to capitalism. while serving as a member of the steering group on the Committee to Re-Elect the President (Bill Clinton) 




Company Name: People-Centered Economic Development UK Ltd
Company Websitehttp://people-centered.net
Company Twitterhttp://@peoplecentred
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