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FIRECRACKER Brand | Marketing | Events

FIRECRACKER Brand | Marketing | Events

Firecracker Africa has just joined. We look forward to connecting and extending our business services to the rest of the world!



Mobile phone: 0027 76 93535 09
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Brief description: Firecracker is a full service communication agency for the social development sector
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Firecracker is a unique communications agency in that we only work with individuals and organisations who are involved in social and environmental development. We are a team of highly creative individuals with backgrounds in corporate, social enterprise and non-profits. Firecracker is able to offer all communications under one roof, saving you time and money and preventing you from working with various agencies. Firecracker is based in Cape Town South Africa and offers the following communication services:



Digital strategy & communication

Web design & development

Public relations


Events & Campaign management

Management & Operations Consulting


Our clients comprise of NGOs, social enteprises, Corporate Social Investment organisations and government. Should you need anything from brand development to the very best in managing your campaign, Firecracker has it covered.

Contact email[email protected]
Telephone: --27 76 833535 09


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