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Legacy: A gift – something transmitted by an ancestor

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people mistakenly believe they have nothing of importance to pass on to others...no legacy they can leave! You don’t have to be wealthy, famous, or talented to leave a meaningful legacy for your descendants. Some of the most inspirational, enduring legacies are from people outside of history books and newspaper headlines. Everyday, plain ordinary people are creating and passing down inspirational, historical legacies. And you can also.

Knowledge you have acquired about your ancestors instills within you values that give direction and meaning to your life. Whether you realize it or not, you have profited in your lifetime by the experiences, achievements and heritage of your parents and fore fathers. Your acquired knowledge, values, achievements and life challenges that you have overcome will become of great benefit to your descendants.

What legacy will you bequeath to your heirs? A life that is not documented will
largely be lost to memory. You have a wonderful opportunity to leave an enduring, historical legacy to your kin. And they may find their lives forever changed for the better because of the legacy of uplifting, faith-promoting strength you left them.

The ReSTORYingLives® project

The ReSTORYingLives® project records your life history and experiences for your children and grandchildren, and beyond. In this way, they can benefit and learn from your life. Even if they have never met you, they can come to love you and “turn their hearts” to you.

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