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ReSTORYingBranding® All brands tell stories.

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ReSTORYingBranding® All brands tell stories.


All brands tell stories.

For decades the best marketing work has brought these stories to life, but what is changing is the nature by which these stories are constructed. Consumers now demand greater involvement – they want to be collaborators in creating the story with the brand, and this has enormous marketing potential. It is the idea of crowd-sourced advertising content, where the story of a brand gets created through the personal stories of connected participants.

Heritage: A Master Brand Builder

If there is any one single characteristic and attribute of a brand that provides sustainable competitive advantage, it is Heritage. Heritage speaks of a traditional way of life that is of value to present and future generations. It speaks of inheritance, of shared experiences, and of a common history. The common stories of our heritage live in our minds and hearts. And when they are in our minds and hearts, they produce a choice. You cannot be chosen unless you are a choice.

It is very disappointing to watch other countries capitalize on their heritage roots in their brand by InstantSavings">promotion strategies, while Greek economy still demonstrates branding infancy.

The ReSTORYingBranding® project

In this context, ReSTORYingBranding® project explores and brings into life abandoned Greek Heritage Stories – personal and engaging stories lying outside history books and newspaper headlines – that will be the primary source material for generating a Brand Identity. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in our brand promotion strategies.

ReSTORYingBranding® project captures the proven power of Storytelling, specializing into two main categories of Greek economy.

  1. Thematic Tourism Heritage Branding
  2. Local Traditional Products Branding


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