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Visual Storytelling: A Strategy Communication Tool

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Visual Storytelling: A Strategy Communication Tool


All brands tell stories.


Thematic Tourism Heritage Branding

Tell your own Story: added value in our Tourism

As the trend toward a wider variety of tourism products emerges, Greece is well placed to offer highly attractive alternative tourism options, like religious tourism, gastronomic / culinary tourism or agro-tourism, etc.

Inspired, authentic local stories about a traditional way of life are what distinguish your community – village, town or city – from others thus making it unique and special. A powerful way to engage the heritage visitor through significant, but lesser-known, people, places, events and habits that helped shape development of the specific area as it is today, thus creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The ReSTORYingBranding® project uses the power of Storytelling to impart value and appeal of your community to the heritage visitor.


Local Traditional Products Branding

Tell your own Story: added value in our Traditional Products

The predominant trend in agro-industrial markets reveals a growing interest among consumers in traditional products that are closely linked to a specific place of origin – products that are deeply-rooted in the various popular cultures. This unprecedented preference for what is perceived as authentic and genuine, is largely a reaction to the rapid changes brought about by globalization. In this context, a rapid changing landscape will emerge in Europe and in the world, where the opportunities for Greek local traditional products will be larger than ever before.

Towards this effort, the growing emphasis on brand strategy to drive heritage value is one of the most prominent drivers of value globally. Branding is a key concept, as it is the pivotal springboard that can thrust Greek local traditional products forward, giving them a competitive edge.

The ReSTORYingBranding® project uses the power of Storytelling as a tool for Greek Heritage & Nostalgia Branding of our Local Traditional Products.

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