<![CDATA[Social Business World - Join us and light the bulb!: SBW Team's highlight: Creating Groups by Countries]]> http://socialbusinessworld.org/pg/webgalli_tabs/read/11282/creating-groups-by-countries?view=rss http://socialbusinessworld.org/pg/webgalli_tabs/read/11282/creating-groups-by-countries Fri, 15 Apr 2011 07:34:42 -0700 http://socialbusinessworld.org/pg/webgalli_tabs/read/11282/creating-groups-by-countries <![CDATA[Creating Groups by Countries]]> Starting to create Groups by Countries to make it easier to join and start learning, discussing and sharing about the new Social Business Model. If you can't find a SBW Group for your Country, register/login and be the Group Manager yourself! It's easy, fun and motivating!

Groups created as of today:

SBW Team