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Social Business World: What we do

Here at Social Business World we like to meet other people from all over the world who think that a new form of capitalism is possible, more respectful of human beings and our planet.

Here at SBW we are looking forward to meeting open minded people who are willing to discuss, share their opinion and experience and…who knows, in the medium-long term, create new businesses, launch new ideas to improve the quality of life in a small local community, a larger regional one and…the whole world. Yes, here at SBW we also like to dream but….we believe that dreams do become true if we want. Often it’s just a matter of time ;-)

Below are our short, medium and longer term goals.

- Short term: to create an online community that share our vision
- Medium term: the community is able to jointly create a first social business
- Long term: the idea of social business becomes an entrepreneurial paradigm, a new way to think about business.

Right now, here are a number of things you can do in SBW

- Blogs: blogs are meant to allow you to share thoughts and arguments to the members of a group (i.e. group blog) or to SBW members in general (i.e. personal blog).
- Bookmarks: share links of interest both within a group or through your personal profile.
- Calendar management: let your group or the entire community know about an event.
- Chat: chat with other members in the community
- Files: upload and share documents and files both within your group or within the entire community.
- Friends: Keep yourself up to date with what members you are connected with do, say or post. Actions or activities your friends realize will appear in the ‘activity river’ of your dashboard.
- Groups: Join, create and contribute to specialized communities. Groups can deal with a variety of themes and are meant to connect people with common interests.
- Pages: Create pages as you would do in your own website to share a mix of thoughts, ideas and bookmarks.
- Photos and Videos: post photos and provide links to videos you want to share with the community, your friends, your groups
- Polls: Check what the community thinks about a particular issue by creating a poll in your group or in the entire community.
- Wire: this is SBW’s internal “twitter”. Through the wire you can share immediate thoughts or ask questions to the whole community. The wire has a ‘short’ memory so use it for issues that you feel have an immediate validity.

To get started:

- Create/update your profile: this is how you will appear to the community
- Personalize your dashboard: this is your view over the community. You can populate your dashboard by adding the widgets you are likely to benefit the most from. We recommend keeping the ‘activity’ widget in it: a general repository of what your friends are doing.
- Modify your personal settings by choosing your working language, telling SBW how you want to be notified about what happens in the community

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