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Memories & Thoughts - Guestbook

Please add below your thoughts and memories of your days with Elgg and SBW, anonimously or adding your name, as you prefer. Thank you!

Aggiungete qui sotto pensieri e ricordi delle vostre giornate con Elgg e SBW, anonimamente o scrivendo il vostro nome, come preferite. Grazie!

the 1st day of elgging in italy is complete! i gave my talk on applying holistic balance to software and social system engineering.. i did ok fitting 1 week's worth of information into less than an hour! :)
my thanks to michele and the socialbusinessworld.org team for their warm hearted support of elgg, plus everyone participating here for everything they are bringing to help elgg too.

i am looking forward to integrating in ureka.org some of what i am learning here and the new features in elgg 2.x+. grazie! - Ura soul

Just created a wall about Elgg Camp 2016 - RvR

I am home now, listening to rain and thunder. It was an amazing weekend, feeling revitalized. Thank you, Michele, for your endless hospitality. Ismayil Khayredinov

I will be sending you my assessment of ElggCamp, Michele, but until then thank you.  As IK said, the hospitality was endless. - Matt Beckett

I did not make it to the 2016 elgg event. However, I have been watching YouTube videos of 2016 elgg event and noticed that the sound and video quality was not very nice except the video for ura soul. Hope next time someone can take high quality videos for the rest of the elgg community member who could not make it to the future events.

Congrats to all who took their time to host, organize, sponsor, present ideas, code, listen, and travel. - Tom

Hm... a day to spend on the beach today :-D - iionly

Elgg Camp was great. Many thanks to Michele for the organization of this event and the hospitality he offered - Nikos

I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Social Business World, and the people working there, for inviting me to a great Elgg Camp.

It was a really nice treat not only to meet up with developers, but also meet end users, who know nothing about Elgg, PHP or other tech woodoo, and see that what Open Source can do for them and their livelihood.

Everybody was really nice and forthcoming – so much I was a little tempted to move to Italy (they have excellent food and coffee there too).

It was fun to meet so many of the core developers, and some plugin developers as myself.
Special thanks to Juho for many good finnish translations, performed live at the beach :-)
Everybody I spoke to, called this Elgg Camp the best they had ever attended.

Michele and Luca, please thank all who was involved with the Camp in Italy. - slyhne

I just wanted to reiterate how amazing ECI was! Thanks a million times to Michele and the rest of SBW for all the hard work organizing, entertaining, and feeding all of us!

I will make my slides available after confirming they're able to be published. - Brett

Hi Michele,

I'm safely back home, trying to settle back into normal life :)
The traveling around was fantastic but very tiring.
I wanted to thank you personally for all the effort you put into making ElggCamp great.  I really hope everyone there got something out of it, it was hard for me to tell with the language barrier.  I think Luca learned a lot at least and I enjoyed our work session together.  I feel like we didn't really get much of a chance to have good conversation unfortunately, but you were very busy with the organizing and running around making sure everything was perfect.  I got to go out and have drinks one-on-one with [...] which was fantastic, and a highlight of my trip, I think I would have liked to have the same opportunity with you.  Hopefully we get the chance again in the future.
I thought my presentation went decently well, but I didn't plan for the translator so had to scrap much of my talk on the fly in order to accommodate the translation time.  I think it could have been better if I knew about the setup ahead of time.  If anything, that would be my only criticism.
I got plenty out of it beyond the great food and incredible hospitality.  I learned how you and your related groups are using Elgg, and met some of the beneficiaries of your efforts and it was inspiring.  I came away from the conference more energized than before to work on Elgg.  Just what I needed in fact.  Much of my work ends up being invisible used by specific clients in closed systems, it was amazing to see it being put to use for common good for the benefit of many people.  Thank you for that.
I told Luca that if he needs any help with learning any part of Elgg he can email me and I'll be happy to help.  I think he has a great future as an Elgg programmer.  [...]  Having seen what you are doing and what you have accomplished now I would really like to work with you on SBW.  If you have an issue tracker or something or a central place where feature/bug requests are logged I can pick up stuff in my spare time as a hobby project, I would be happy to do that, let me know.
So once again, thank you very much for ElggCamp Italy.  I'm sure it was far more work than we got to see, and I sincerely appreciated every minute of it. - [private email message]
Bello anche per noi, utile e "rinvigorante". [...] mi pare che la direzione in cui sta andando SBW sia quella giusta ;)

Ti rinnovo i complimenti, eccellente certosina organizzazione, anche nel senso e coerenza. Bravi tutti! 
 - [private email message]
grazie a te michele
per l'ospitalità e per la bella atmosfera che si è respirata in questi giorni pesaresi....
ti vogliamo bene anche noi...
ciaooo  - [private email message]
Un successone - ELGG davvero! grazie a Michele!  - [private email message]

i just returned from italy and it was very enjoyable. the hosts were very generous and looked after us really well indeed. we were taken to eat in restaurants and spaces run by several co-operative growing groups that produce their own organic produce.. they collectively knew they were being poisoned by mass produced food, so left their old jobs and started growing organic food! it was very inspiring to see and feel.

many people said it was great to bring a human element to the usually very mental world of technology conferences and my new friend from denmark said it was the best one he had ever attended because it was so exciting to come across so many new ideas and not just source code :)

if you know anyone who is interested in the topic of 'social business', who wants to visit italy or maybe import some of the best food on the planet, then i highly recommend opening a profile at www.socialbusinessworld.org and looking for michele. - ura soul



Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version

Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version

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