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Why should you sign up to socialbusinessworld.org? Why should you join us?

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Why should you sign up to socialbusinessworld.org? Why should you join us?

Our added values

1 - One-stop, comprehensive place for Social Entrepreunership.
The SE/SB universe is spread across thousands of blogs, websites, generic social networks and this weakens the power of interactions between socially minded people and enterprises.
Socialbusinessworld.org is a noise-free, thematic social network totally focused and committed to socially aware practices!

2 - Enhanced networking & integration.
Members can share and connect with short messages (Twitter-style), Blogs, Groups, Events, Bookmarks, Photos, Videos (LinkedIn+Facebook) and a Social Commerce platform coming soon (Amazon+Ebay style, expected on June 2013). Try it to see: the best of today's social networking is available at SBW.

3 - Full alignment with SB principles as per Professor Muhammad Yunus’ definition.
SBW is itself a social business! All profits are reinvested to expand activities to reach the highest number of socially aware people, businesses and institutions. No dividends are distributed, much joy shared! :)


….and of course SBW does not sell your datas to anyone!


Our aim here is not to make money out of your waiver to privacy and your online social activities like all other Social Networks do. Socialbusinessworld.org exists to make the dream of a better, sustainable world come true!

More in detail, here what we think are some of the main reasons why you should join us despite of many other existing generic social networks.

If you are an individual:

  • because you will find many other people like you willing to improve our world through sustainable practices
  • because here you will find products and services made by Social entreprises, socially-aware Companies
  • because if you're thinking about starting your own social enterprise here you will find suggestions and advices

If you are a Social Enterprise/Social Business:

  • because on socialbusinessworld you will find an active worldwide community of people interested in socially-aware products and services, customers looking for companies like yours ready to satisfy their need for sustainable business practices
  • because you will find consultants and partners for your activities
  • because you will be able to sell your products and services through our Ethical Marketplace

If you are a consultant:
Because on our network you will find willing-to-be social entrepreneurs, SEs and institutions looking for your services also via the dedicated Jobs section

If you are a Solidal Purchasing Group, a Association or Institution:

Because you will find many useful tools (a continuously updated list here) for your messages to go through and reach the right audience!


So, if you are a socially minded individual or business or institution, our question to you is: Why shouldn't you sign up?


All the best!

The SBW Team

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  • Michele (@michele)
    By Michele (@michele)

    Just read this on The Huffington Post.

     - CIA's Gus Hunt On Big Data: We 'Try To Collect Everything And Hang On To It Forever' -

    Like it?

    Personally, not really, and the statement above '….and of course SBW does not sell your datas to anyone' quite well replies to the very FAQs we receive via email "Why a new Social Network?", "Why socialbusinessworld.org if Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already there?"


Please help maintain SBW!

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