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We need to bring learning to students instead of students to learning.

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Greetings from Bridgeofhopes!


I have started Non-Government Organization (NGO) portal by name www.bridgeofhopes.com in a view to uplift the financially deprived students with talent and creativity. I have started this in 2012 with various NSS activities, by going into the student community and helping them in various ways to support them with in my financial capabilities.
Over the period, I realized that it has given me not only an immense pleasure but also self-satisfaction in life. But in the process, I have also realized that it is a mammoth effort to be taken all by myself. Being a Sr.Asst. Professor myself, I found out that there is a lot of unleashed talent and creativity not only among the students who are directly under me and also whom I have come across during my social activity endeavors.
It has given me heart ache to see that these students are having such a high potential but devoid of resources. They being at cross-roads is a vulnerable period for them, if not directed in the right path could end up with negative attitude and approach towards life.
It is evident that there are so many students both from the institute I am serving and the students whom I met during the social activities are very enthusiastic and showed lot of hope in my these little thoughts of mine and supported me in various ways in their own possible ways.
During this process, there were lot of suggestions not only from the students but also from like-minded colleagues & friends and we have come up with an objective,    “TO BRING LEARNING TO STUDENTS INSTEAD OF STUDENTS TO LEARNING”.
The aim of this objective is to bring forth talents that remained untapped in the potential students who are talented but unable to sustain and further their talents due to financial hurdles.To make our dreams of uplifting the society and as well the dreams of the students who are talented but vulnerable, we wanted to start adopting the schools which are orphaned financially. We have come up with an idea to start “EXPRESS YOURSELF” competition in these schools to bring out the various talents among the students and then support them financially in developing their skills by providing proper streamlined trainings in their individual talents and nurture them to be professionals and productive Indians.
We are doing our best with the well-wishers and like-minded Samaritans, but we understood that it is not enough to meet the needs of the competitions and the service we wanted to start. Hence, we are looking forward for people like you who can be a part of this “BRIDGE OF HOPES” project by supporting and contributing and share the joy of giving with us.
We understand that you might already been doing social service at your own level and your own capacity, but as the saying goes EVERY DROP MATTERS, we appreciate your kindness how much ever it may be in making the dreams of these talented yet deprived students true.
Since this portal is widely appreciated by individuals and also by Google AdSense, we would be very happy to show our gratitude for your Samaritan soul by acknowledging you or your firm through our portal
Thank you once again and welcome you to our family of BRIDGE OF HOPES
Best wishes
CD Malleshwar
Senior Asst. Professor & NSS Program Officer
P.S: Please feel free to contact me either through my email [email protected]
OR my mobile 91-8519913589.

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