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SBW Points

What are SBW Points?

They're points you receive for being active within our online community. We love to reward all of your impact-making social actions so...don't waste time and start earning points right now!

How do you receive SBW points?

Here it is a detailed list of all the worthy actions on SBW.

Of course this list may change over time also thanks to your suggestions so do not hesitate to send us your comments and keep an eye on this page.

  • Points for posting a blog entry: 7
  • Points for posting a comment: 3
  • Points for posting to the Activity river: 2
  • Points for posting to The wire: 2
  • Points for posting a poll: 6
  • Points for voting on a poll: 2
  • Points for starting a group: 10
  • Points for posting a group topic: 5
  • Points for editing profile: 2
  • Points for adding a page: 4
  • Points for uploading a picture: 1
  • Points for tagging a photo: 1
  • Points for making a recommendation: 3
  • Points for logging in: 1 (Time before awarding points again, 24 hours - Maximum number of days between logins to be awarded points: 4)
  • Points for inviting a friend: 4 (Friends' email addresses needs validation;  friends' registration required    


What do I need SBW points for?

Well, first of all your committment to improve the world through social business will be more and more visible to the community. The more points you earn the higher esteem acknowledged.

SBW Points are then directly connected to SBW Badges to highlight and thank the most active members:

SBW Candle Badge


Candle (100 SBW Points). Your activity on SBW is starting to bring 'social light' to the world. Keep on contributing and sharing!


SBW Torch Badge


Torch (250 SBW Points). 'Social light' helping others to find and discover new ways to build a better world. Great!


SBW Chandelier Badge


Chandelier (500 SBW Points). Enlighting a wide ballroom. You're letting the social-party start!



SBW Photovoltaic Station Badge


Photovoltaic Station (1000 SBW Points). Source of social-renewable energy empowering all SBW members!


SBW Lighthouse Badge


Lighthouse (2500 SBW Points). Your passion on sustainability and on sharing with others to improve the world is simply amazing! You're a  reference point enlighting the whole community.



Also, in the coming months we'll be introducing a "donate points" system to show your appreciation to other SBWers. 

And...last but not really least, we'll be soon launching a social e-commerce website where it will be possible to convert SBW points into discount coupons, vouchers, gadgets etc.!

Please help maintain SBW!

We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

Consider supporting us now. Thank you!

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