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Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version

By SBW Team (@admin)
Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version
Friday, May 20 2016 17:00
to Sunday, May 22 2016 23:00


[Pagina in italiano qui]

Dear SBWers, Friends,

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that from May 20th to 22nd the First Elgg Camp Italy will take place! Moreover in an extended version format!






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Brett Profitt Evan Winslow
Matt Beckett Juho Jaakkola
Jerome Bakker Ura Soul
Ismayil Kharedinov Eleonora Graziani
Luca Ferroni Michele Paolini
Roberto Mancini Susanna Singer
Bernhard Oberrauch Sandro Vittori


What is Elgg?

Elgg is THE open source, social networking, engine on which SBW is built.

It is such a great honour for us to already be able to confirm that there will be many members of the core dev team attending!

Developers from USA, Canada, Finland, Germany, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy and more but...

Why will the event be "Extended"?

Because it will be a not-only-devs one, a triple track event where three groups of people - developers, users, manufacturers - will be able to not only meet each other and share great time together but also actively participate in building a better community and give forward.

Why Italy?

While experiencing hard times due to global crisis, Italy is lately showing high vitality and dynamism in open source development, social movements and ethical manufacturing which leads us to be sure this event will greatly help in joining these positive forces and connecting beautiful minds from worldwide aimed at so many possible new interactions: from friendship to business!

In short, why come?

If you're a developer:

  • meet the core team and other highly skilled colleagues from various Countries and possibly help in making Elgg even better;
  • learn or improve developer skills in a robust social networking framework that is flexible and usable in many different markets and clients types;
  • meet us, the SBW Team, we love especially offline, real relationship and hope to be able to offer many jobs in the future covering sysadmin, developing, security, graphic designers, UI/UX, online marketing;
  • meet other prospect customers;
  • start loving PHP if you don't already ;)

If you're a SBW community member:

  • finally meet everyone offline;
  • interact with the professionals who often generously offer their skills for nothing more than the sake of sharing knowledge;
  • see, live, how code is imagined, created, tested, improved;
  • enjoy live training on SBW;
  • give your feedback, talk about issues, and much-needed features and future of the community.

If you are a SBW and Marketplace ethical Manufacturer:

  • live training on SBW and marketplace;
  • understand why social media and marketing online are a must;
  • meet end users;
  • give short presentation of your business.

SCHEDULE (work in progress):

Friday May 20th.

08:30->09:00 Registration @ Hotel Napoleon (see map)


  • 09:00 -> 09:30 Brett Profitt and Michele Paolini, Welcome, thanks, info, schedule overview;
  • 09:40 -> 10:10 Evan Winslow - "Elgg 2.1 intro and changes from 1.X";
  • 10:15 -> 11:00 Jerôme Bakker  - Plugins I -​ "Your first plugin";
  • 11:15 -> 12:00 Matt Beckett - Plugins II - "Elgg Search & Solr integration"
  • 12:15 -> 13:00 Juho Jaakkola - How to contribute to Elgg core and/or plugins;

2 hrs lunch break (lunch 15€/person) @ Emporio Campobase (see map);



Meetings aimed at knowing each other, SBW, Marketplace, Training, Q&A, Feedback.


Developers meet SBW users and manufacturers, Plugins III Hands-on, community chooses a willing to have feature from a list via Poll and devs start understanding needs and code as demonstration
  • 15:30 -> 16:15 Ismayil Kharedinov - "12-step empirical guide to starting a social network"
  • 16:30 -> 17:15 Ura Soul - "Bringing 'holistic balance' to social software, communities & life!​"
  • 17:30 -> 18:15 Luca Ferroni - "Scelte etiche di SBW: economia solidale e software libero"
  • 18:30 -> 19:15 Brett profitt - Showcase, Wrap up, Raffle

Dinner (20€/person) @ Coop. Sociale T41 (see map) with music. Japanese piano, Colombian Violin, Italian contrabass/saxophone for non-classical classics from the world;

Saturday 21st.

Coding hackaton/relax on the beach @ Hotel Napoleon (see map)

  • 09:00 -> 10:00 Juho Jaakkola - "How to develop and maintain your site effectively​"
  • 10:15 -> ad libitum - Hackaton
  • Lunch (15€/person) @ Hotel Napoleon
  • Afternoon @ Spazio EmporioAE (see map), Fano (PU), talks by Prof. Roberto Mancini (UniMC), Bernhard Oberrauch and Sandro Vittori (Economy for the Common Goods).
  • Organic&Ethical Food Rich Buffet Dinner, 15€/person
  • Screencasts of Lo Faccio Bene Cinefest (short movies on doing good).

Sunday 22nd

  • 10:00 -> 12:00 Final recap @Hotel Napoleon (see map);
  • 12:30 lunch (15€/person);
  • greetings, lot of love and appreciation around, everybody goes back home with new friends, possibly customers, good memories!

Where in Italy?

Pesaro city and province, Adriatic Sea. Map to Event's venues here.

How to get there?

By Plane: closest airports are Bologna and Ancona (Milan and Rome are both at about 4 additional hours by train or car).

By Car: Highway A14, Pesaro exit.

By Train: Pesaro railway station.

Where to stay?

Special Deals  for this event:

If booking one of these please mention Elgg-Sbw Event to be granted the above mentioned rates. We're working on improving this list for your convenience. 

Plenty of hotels and other accomodation facilities in Pesaro, Viale Trieste street, right on the seafront. 


Registration: required by May 14th, limited seats, please fill in the form at this link asap to help us organize.

First-in first-served basis but we'll try to balance participants' types (devs,users,manufacturers).

Fees: The event will be free (accomodation and meals excluded) but we will highly appreciate donations to help us cover organizational expenses.

Gifts and Swags: nice ones will be made available by both Elgg and SBW ;) (don't forget to fill in the "T-shirt size" field on registration form!)




Sponsorships: great opportunity for IT Companies, Manufacturers, Institutions, as the visibility around the Event will be high and unique.

4 types of sponsorship will be available, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze starting at very affordable amount.

If interested please contact the SBW Team directly (click here) or email at site[AT]socialbusinessworld.orgLooking forward to seeing you soon!

The SBW Team

Elgg SBW Camp Italy 2016 Extended


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