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video for the talks

i am intending to clean up the video files of the talks from elgg camp, but the videos that were uploaded to youtube so far are incomplete. does anyone have a copy of the full talk by matt on solr, for example? he has given me the slides from his presentation, but the 2 video files are 15 minutes and 9 seconds long, respectively; whereas his talk was probably around 45 minutes in total. did i miss a part of it? or has some of it not been uploaded to youtube yet? thanks

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  • ura soul
    By ura soul

    it would be easiest for me if you would split the files into individual talks and then send them to me somehow (wetransfer is fine). once i have processed them i will send them back to you so you can upload them to your channel (or i will upload them directly to your channel if you prefer and are ok to give me the login).

    i have a slow upload speed here for internet connections, so it will possibly take a couple of days to complete the whole process.

  • ura soul
    By ura soul

    oh ok, i see... i think my upload speed is comparable to that - i usually leave youtube videos uploading overnight!

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