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Salviamo la Forestalp "Natura in Movimento"

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Our story

We are a small Italian co-op, called Forestalp, born in 1984 thanks to young speleologists and mountain climbers, who transformed their deep passion for the Nature in a real and active work.

During the summer of 1979, we joined in a speleologist camp in the Vercors mountain. During our visit in Grenoble ( France) to the ''La Maison de la spéléologie'', we had the opportunity to  discover that climbing, trekking and speleology could become didactic proposals for schools, in order to put in contact young students with the Nature's richness and potentiality, even in terms of new future jobs. Once the idea  was born it became a long story of work, friendship and passions making us able to manage several reception  centres in the Appennino Marchigiano mountains,  becoming a landmark for education and ecotourism especially for the young.

Our main goals are focused on educating to the environmental protection and safeguard, through direct experience. Why do we support the direct experience?

Studies have demonstrated that what we usually learn during our lives derives:

- 10% from what we read;

- 20% from what we hear;

- 30% from what we see;

- 50% from what we see and hear;

- 70% from the interaction and discussion with other people;

- 80% from our direct experience.



Many years of investments in professional training thanks to which we have become one of the main tour operator, training organization and environmental educational centre, working closely with teachers and schools from all over Italy.



Finally, after having managed several centres, in 2004 we realized our dream  opening an important centre in the hearth of Italy, The Centre of the two parks in Arquata of Tronto, that represents the point where Sibillini's mountains and Laga's mountains meet.


We made many efforts and sacrifices to make it well known until in June 2016 when we could see the outcome of our hard work: it was the first year with both spring and summer seasons fully booked, and with a lot of reservations from schools for the autumn season.

At The Centre of the two parks, Sabrina, our partner for years, worked full time and there were also Patrizia and Giovanna, both working part time and taking care of the hospitality. Other partners were in charge of the welcoming, stay and the organization of tourist groups:: Maurizio, Fabrizio, Alberta, Carlo and many trekking guides and environmental educators, Paride, Patrizia, Claudia, Simone, Fabrizio, Luca, Martina, Luca.

For the organization of meals, we used to go to Salvatore and Cristina's restaurant, called The Osteria of the Castle.If we had a stroll in different places we were used to buy our packed lunch at Corrado's Forno and at Daniela's Alimentari, all places located in Arquata of Tronto.



The two earthquakes

On 24th August, at 3.36 am, the Centre of the two Parks quaked with the mountains and the 42 guests escaped from our structure that luckily stood up to the terrible shake leaving everybody unscathed. On 2nd September, the Center of the Two Parks was delivered to the Municipal hall of the Arquata of Tronto to accommodate those people who were living in a tents due to the earthquake and our management ended that day.


Meanwhile, we rented a warehouse to preserve the equipment we could save, first from the Center of the Two Parks, and then from the Domus Letitiae, where we have been storing an amount of the saved equipment. On the 30th October, the second powerful earthquake came and this time The Center of the Two Parks and the Domus Letitiae did not stood up anymore, making everything left irrecoverable.


Before August 24th

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After October 30th

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The current situation

At the moment, a positive aspect is that during the present spring season schools have booked our organized stays in other locations. Unfortunately, the 70% of turnover came from the Center of the Two Parks and that job does not exist more. The biggest problem is that in September, we will have to resume he mortgage that we took out previously and that the state decree suspended for a year. The 100,000 Euros we ask correspond to that mortgage that we had taken to invest in the Center of the Two Parks to buy equipment, furniture, mountain bikes, but also to do many improvements to the structure. We have been paying back through the proceeds the structure (which is now collapsed) gave us and throught our work in the territory. But now we are not able to pay back the mortgage anymore without your help! No policy maker has helped and will help us, nor the government can help us because we are not owners but we are managers who have invested at their own expenses in the Centre.

We have already given up everything we could, including all our monthly wages, in order to pay suppliers. We lost most of the revenues during last autumn and spring



Your help

We're doing our very best/making every kind of effort. The Forestalp future, our whole future is at stake. To go on we need your HELP to raise money, we need your support. We ask you to be protagonists with us for this great dream to continue this work project born from love for nature and the will to make it popular among the young through creative and formative ways.

A stroll in the hearth of Sibillini Mountains National Park, to have fun and be together. A reward to whom has been sharing our appeal, to whom has given mind support or to whom is interested in trekking together on what is called Italy's "Small Tibet". To lunch together we will put the cloth on, one close to another, to make a long path of cloths on the grass among the field flowers. We will share food and everyone is welcome to play and dance.

Our thanks

It is for you all who have being dedicating your time to know us. Thanks to REES Marche who has been supporting and has made us understand the importance of sharing this project with a community that dreams of a better world. Thanks to Michele Paolini and Social Business World, you have helped and guided us in this adventure with sensitivity and care, giving us a wonderful tool. Thanks to Luca Luzi, the first supporter, a friend, an artist, a professional person with a big heart, the video is your project; you came with us at thWe have already given up everything we could, including all our monthly wages, in order to pay suppliers. We lost most of the revenues during last autumn and springe Center of the Two Parks and we guess it was not easy also for you to see it in such bad conditions.

Thank you all!



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