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require government and medical employees to accept to have phone conversations recorded

recently, i have been dealing with several different groups of a-gents from government and hospitals regarding different issues, ranging from 'planning permission' to family health. i learned long ago that many people will gladly step up for a salary and claim a position of authority to speak and advise, yet when asked or pressured to be put to the test in that capacity in a way that would bind them in a court case - they all too often do whatever they can to disown their authority and power position, in favor of silence. since i also learned that without a recording of a phone call with a-gents of institutions and corporate entities, the phone call may as well not have existed, i chose to inform the people i spoke with in planning that i was recording the call. here's the outcome:

  • a-gent #1: "no, i don't agree to you recording the phone call"
  • me: "ok, can you maybe put me through to someone who will accept me recording the phonecall"
  • a-gent #1: ... "i'll put you through to my supervisor"
  • a-gent #2: "no, i don't agree to you recording the phonecall either"
  • me: "i don't understand why you are willing to comment on the case i am calling about, but not be recorded, that suggests a lack of integrity on your part"

in the end i got him to agree to communicate through email, so that a record was kept - yet what reason is there to prevent a phonecall being made of a conversation that you are willingly engaging in for purposes of the alleged government that is allgedly in service of the people? i accept that it is commonly a matter of personal preference as to whether or not you want to be recorded, but when in a government role where your actions effect the lives of many others, transparency and integrity are paramount.

it is for these reasons that i would like to create a move to guarantee that all 'medical professionals' and government a-gents be obliged to allow phone calls to be recorded when acting in their professional capacity.

i have no experience of getting such ideas enacted through government, but i'll put this out onto the web to see what comes of it!

Original: https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/29778/require-government-and-medical-employees-to-accept-to-have-phone-conversations-recorded
By: ura soul
Posted: March 1, 2016, 11:32 am

ura soul

ura soul

co-creator of reality, manifesting heart on the earth plane

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