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the phrase 'anti-semitic' does NOT refer to being 'anti-jew'. 'semitic' is a language group that includes arabic.

the word 'semitic' refers to a language group that includes arabic as well as hebrew. those that claim that anyone who is identified as being 'anti-jew' are 'anti-semitic' are simply unaware of the definition of the words that they are using. see the wikipedia page below for a full definition of the term 'semitic' with regards to humans:


having seen many people accuse others of being anti-semitic for simply pointing to israel's genocidal actions in gaza - i feel this issue needs to be clarified. to label others as being anti-semitic while the accused is simply defending arabic speaking humans against the actions of israeli military agents makes no sense at all and reveals the ignorance of those making the claims.

israeli admits that accusing others of 'anti-semitism' is a 'trick' they use regularly


Original: https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/11032/the-phrase-anti-semitic-does-not-refer-to-being-anti-jew-semitic-is-a-language-group-that-includes-arabic
By: ura soul
Posted: January 12, 2015, 9:42 am

ura soul

ura soul

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