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The World Economic Forum 2013: “Resilient Dynamism”


The World Economic Forum 2013 has come to an end, after an intense week during which the world's leaders debated on the world's most pressing problems and challenges.

This year the forum theme was “Resilient Dynamism”, where the word resilient should be intended as the ability of enduring sudden changes and economic shocks, while the dynamism is a combination of abilities necessary to tackle these challenges as creativity, genius and originality.

According to the WEF Global Risk Report 2013 (http://www.weforum.org/issues/global-risks) over the next 10 years the most probable risks our world will have to face are: income disparity, fiscal imbalances, rising greenhouse gas emissions, water supply crises, unsustainable goverment debts, etc. A resilient dynamism is then an essential requirement we all need if we want to overcome the obstacles that we will encounter in the future.

Among the leaders invited, the social entrepreneurs are those who have already proven to be endowed of both flexibility and great creativity, offering the most innovative solutions to the world's biggest issues: this is why they have been called the architects of resilient dynamism.

The participation of this category of entrepreneurs at the meeting is very important and significant because it means that a new economy concept is becoming more and more popular and valuable, and also because this is considered as a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build relationships with partners, potential investors, governments, institutions or big corporations.


But apart from these general appreciation and admiration for their work, a few voices are arising to criticize them for different reasons:

                    "Since a decade we hear talking about social entrepreneurship, and the concept is spreading in various fields: universities, corporations, business schools through multiple linguistic labels, but at the end it seems to have lost its innocence and to have become an ambiguous industry. To survive, the movement needs to focus mailnly into practice and and reflect over the its political implications."

                    "this type of meetings is not the appropriate framework to discuss of social entrepreneurship, because talking about social problems in a luxurious environment eating expensive food seems completely disconnected from the real world, where the life of small enterprises is a daily struggle to survive, especially in developing countries."

                    "Social entrepreneurs and leaders, often use western parameters to tackle social problems in the developing world, lacking the real knowledge and comprehension of the cultural and societal differences each country has, while this is often a key factor for the success of a project."


We followed the debate with big concern, because we think these big events are great opportunities to spread the word about social entrepreneurship. We believe that we should never stop to promote our ideas even in places far distant from our everyday life, especially if the world leaders are involved: all possible connections, partnerships or acquaintances can be helpful in our activities.

At the same time, with SBW we are trying to bring the movement to the grass-roots, because we are definitely convinced that this is the only way to make it spread and flourish.

What are your opinions?

Looking forward to read them,

The SBW Team

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SBW Team (@admin)

SBW Team (@admin)

Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true!
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Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true!
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