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A major problem: net(not)working among SEs, SBs

A major problem: net(not)working among SEs, SBs


I recently engaged in a online discussion where I stated that networking among SEs, SBs doesn't work, is not working.

Prof. Yunus is surely right when talking about the need of a dedicated social stock exchange

SBW challenge on the net is: a social network entirely dedicated to us, to socially aware and committed people.

Dedicated social network against 'noisy', generic ones or different-topic-focused others harms efficiency and best communications between all of us.

It is so easy to be lost when thousands of other topics/groups/ads distract...this is our idea: on SBW everyone, every group and subgroup, every bookmark, every blog, every discussion, every video, every page...everything is shared, made of/by people like us willing for a better, sustainable world.


One of the friends in the thread replied:

"If networking between SEs is not working, then it is because it is not perceived of having value. Perhaps the less focused groups provide more?"


I agree on the fact that networking is not perceived of having value (yet?).

But, this does not mean that perception is correct or true.

Do you know what IBM founder thought about PCs' value? That's a great story..


What do you think?


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  • Jeff Mowatt
    By Jeff Mowatt

    I joined the UK Social Enterprise Coalition in 2006, pointing out to them this failure of inclusion. They said our work was beyond their focus, so I created Social Enterprise on Facebook and later Social Business and For Benefit Corporations on Linkedin.


    It is typical where public funding is involved for a government funded group to want to own dialogue and this was very much our experience. We'd later see our work published as their own ideas. 



    Welcome to social enterprise support (with friends like these)


    The story of social business and the call for  putting community  ahead of shareholder dividends that would end with one man’s death in poverty. In 2006 having published a strategy paper for …

  • Michele (@michele)
    By Michele (@michele)

    Hi Jeff Mowatt,

    I can unfortunately say the same here in Italy: each single SE and "network" seem to act to merely increase their return (in some cases not even social, actually).

    No or poor will to really interact and create a working and effective SE/SB ecosystem.

    Everybody seems to be willing to affirm their being "more good and social than anybody else"...leading to a "too good and social to share things with anybody else".

    I personally think this needs to reach an end and we all have to work to make (social) things happen by collaborating and cooperating worldwide.

    Nowadays we can, this is my life purpose through SBW which I humbly/proudly co-founded.

    Did we really need a dedicated social network? I definitely think so.

    Generalists/mainstream social networks were born for totally different purposes of which we should be now well aware of.



  • Luca `fero` Ferroni
    By Luca `fero` Ferroni

    Dear Michele,

    I agree with you on the not yet perceived value of the SBs/SEs networks and I think SBW is a great tool and community that could help a lot to empower us (these networks), to let us be self-confident of our power in changing the world.

    Making us all closer everyday is what we are striving for, and the way to start it all now. When perception changes, the world changes.

    So...thanks for all your effort!

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